Registration and verification

How to register and verify?

To register please visit and click on the “Get Started” button (accessible here ).
You will end up on the sign up/log in screen and there you need to select “Sign up”. Enter your email and your password.
As a next step please select if you want to register as a personal account or a business account. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully.

If you select a personal account you have to go through the “Know Your Customer” procedure as we need to verify your identity as it is required by the current Anti Money Laundering Law and Regulations.

Firstly please upload your proof of residence. The proof of residence shouldn't be older than 3 months and it should be one of those: bank statement, utility bill, internet/cable TV/house phone line bill, tax return, council tax bill, government issued certification of residence.

We are not able to accept screenshots, mobile phone bills, medical bills, receipts for purchases, insurance statements and similar documents that are not tied to your residence.

Moreover as part of the identity verification please provide photos of your identity document, either National ID card or Passport.
After that you will be requested to provide a selfie of your face, then fill in your personal data, verify your phone number and fill in a simple questionnaire.

More information in the Terms and Conditions

Who does process my personal data and how?

Your personal data are processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy by Orenda Financial Solutions Limited. More information here.

What countries is pbxpay available in?

We are a EU entity only therefore we can onboard only residents in the EU (Consumers) and Corporates registered in the EU.

Also If you are from one of these countries, unfortunately we are not allowed to open the account for you. These countries are: Afghanistan, Bahamas, Barbados*, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Botswana, Burundi, Dem Rep of Congo, Cuba, Guinea Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica*, North Korea, Lebanon**, Libya, Mali, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia*, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago*, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

What is the age threshold to use pbxpay?

You can apply for pbxpay if you are 18 or more years old.

How long is the registration process?

Registration process is done online and takes only a few minutes. After the registration is completed you can close the window and log back in. In case automatic registration fails, the manual verification is needed. This process can take up to 3 working days.

How to verify your identity?

To verify you need to provide your National ID card and a document to verify your address. It can be a bank account statement or a utility bill. It can be either an official online document from the provider or a photo of a paper document. Make sure it corresponds with examples provided.

What is a TIN (Tax Identification Number)?

Your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an identifying number used for tax reporting purposes. It is up to you if you decide to share this information with us.

  • Examples of TIN include:
  • France: Numéro Fiscal de Référence (NIF);
  • Ireland: Personal Public Service Number (PPS);
  • Italy: Codice Fiscale (CF);
  • Poland: Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej albo Powszechny Elektroniczny System Ewidencji Ludnosci (NIP / PESEL);
  • Portugal: Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF);
  • Romania: Cod Numeric Personal sau Codul de identificare fiscală (CNP / CIF);
  • Spain: Documento Nacional de Identidad / Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (DNI / NIE);
  • United States: Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number (SSN or ITIN);
  • United Kingdom: National Insurance Number (NI).
Why do I need to upload documents?

You need to take a picture of your documents in order to open a pbxpay account. We collect this information to verify your identity, to secure your account and to reduce fraud. This is a requirement of financial services regulations, and is generally referred to as the ‘Know Your Customer' (KYC)

Is signing up to pbxpay free?

Yes, signing up for pbxpay is free.

How do I change my email address for my account?

If you would like to update/change your email address linked to your account, you will need to sent us the following: A current Selfie with an ID/passport next to your face and a colour copy of your ID/Passport. The email should be sent from your current email address linked to the account.

How do I change my details, like telephone number or address?

Simply send us an email to the support team at the email address provided on the website with your new details, alongside a document with proof of the new telephone number / address and we will update your account. You will receive a confirmation once we have updated your account.

Is pbxpay a Bank?

No, pbxpay is not a bank. We provide an e-money account by an electronic money institution Modulr Finance B.V. that is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Netherland for issuance of electronic money. We provide an electronic money account with a sort code, account number, EUR IBAN and a card. 

Your money are protected in one or more segregated accounts and the full value safeguarded in line with the Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het Financieel Toezicht, Wft) – for more information please see this document.


What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a payment card that only exists in a virtual form. You can use it to make purchases online and in-app.
A virtual card has a 16-digit number, an expiry, and a CVV like any normal card.

What is important to know, though, is that your virtual card will be linked to the same account as your physical card.

Which deposit methods does pbxpay support?

Funds can be sent to your account via bank transfer. You can use Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

What happens if someone sends me the payment that does not even cover the incoming fee?

We are obliged to cover the fee for you. In this case we can close your account.

What If I send a payment that does not even cover the sending fee.

We are obliged to cover the fee for you. In this case we can close your account.

What is the minimal amount that can be sent?

The minimal amount should at least cover fees. Max daily transaction value is set to 10 000 EUR. See Fees list:

What are the limits?

We created pbxpay to facilitate freedom as much as possible so you can enjoy your account without unnecessary limits. You can find the limits at:

Sending money

How do I send money to my pbxpay account?

Deposits to pbxpay are quite simple. If you want to deposit funds to your pbxpay account or instruct others to send you funds, all you have to do is provide them with your IBAN number and BIC number that you see in your account on the main page and istruct them to send you a SEPA payment.

How do I send funds to someone else?

The process is quite simple. Firstly you need to go to the “Payments section” and click on “Add Payee”, if you haven't already added this payee before. (If you did, you can skip this paragraph). Select the type of the payment. Currently we offer only SEPA payment. Then you get to choose where you want to send your payment and if the receiving party is an individual or a company. After that all you have to do is enter his banking details. Beneficiary name, IBAN and BIC number.

To execute the payment please click on “Add Payment”  Choose a payee and simple enter the amount of EUR you want send, write a short Reference, confirm everything is correct and click “”Submit”

What recipient account details do I need?

You need to know where you are sending the money (to what country) and if the receiving party is an individual or a company. You also need to enter basic banking details. Beneficiary name, IBAN and BIC number.

My beneficiary has not received my bank or card transfer?

Your transfer is considered complete from our side when the money arrives at the beneficiary's bank. From there, we predict when the bank will process and credit the money. Remember, this is an estimation, not a guarantee.

There may be exceptional cases in which the transfer might take slightly longer than usual to reach your beneficiary:

  • Some banks and payment schemes don't process transfers during weekends and bank holidays.
  • Some banks may take a longer time to process transfers.
  • Most banks cannot process transfers with incorrect beneficiary details, such as account number, IBAN or card number typos.
  • All banks and payment service providers are required to run checks on your payments to comply with regulations, which may cause delays.
Why has my transfer to a bank account or card failed?

There are numerous reasons for this to happen:
The most common are:

  • Exceeding transfer limits you can check those out HERE - link to fees and limits.
  • Incorrect recipient details.
  • The beneficiary bank may have rejected the transfer if the recipient account details don’t match.
  • Recipient account closed.
  • The account you’re paying to may not be able to accept certain types of transfer (i.e SWIFT or SEPA) or may have been closed at the beneficiary bank end. To make sure this won’t happen, make sure that you keep your recipient account details up to date.  
  • Insufficient funds.
Why has my transfer to a bank account or card been declined?

Please double-check that you have sufficient funds in the currency that you wish to transfer. Transfers may also be declined if you’re trying to send money to an unsupported merchant. If you’re still having trouble making a transfer, please send us a message, and we will be happy to help.

I want to cancel my transfer to a bank account. Is it possible?

Once your transfer is submitted, it can’t be cancelled, so make sure you keep your recipient account details up to date. 

Please note that the majority of transfer types we process can't be reversed. Under some circumstances, we may attempt to recall it, however a successful outcome depends on the beneficiary bank's cooperation. We can assure you that we'll do our best to solve this for you as soon as possible.

Why is my payee not allowed?

As a regulated financial institution, pbxpay is not allowed to provide payment services to certain countries, banks, and entities. We're also unable to process payments to high-risk merchants.


Are there any fees or limits for depositing money to pbxpay?

The limits and deposits can be found here:

When will the bank transfer reach my pbxpay account?

It usually takes 1-3 business days for a payment to reach your account.

What should I do if a transfer doesn't arrive to my pbxpay account?
  • Determine whether the expected timeframe has already passed.
  • Different transfer types have different processing times and factors like weekends or extra checks can affect this. It usually takes 1-3 days for a SEPA payment to reach your account. International payments can take a little longer.
  • Determine whether the correct details were used.
  • Check if the details on the transfer confirmation* (or payment receipt) match your account details for a particular transfer type in the app (watch for typos). Also check whether the correct transfer type was used, either SEPA or international or international (cross-border) typically referred to as ‘SWIFT’.
  • If the details don’t match, then the transfer likely went back to the sender. Check with the sending bank if the transfer has been returned.
  • Ask the sending bank to locate the transfer.
  • The sending bank is usually best suited to help find a missing transfer. The sending bank can attempt to ‘trace’ (a banking term for ‘locate’) the transfer which can determine where the transfer is located.
  • Ask us to help locate the transfer.
  • Contact us and we will try to help you as much as we can.
Why has the transfer to my account been reverted?

Due to compliance reasons, we're unable to accept deposits by transfer from certain sources. This includes certain countries, banks, and entities.

Where can I find my account details?

You can find it on the main page of your pbxpay account in a big blue box.


My card is not working

Please make sure you have activated the card. If yes, please check that

  • You have not accidentally blocked your card in the pbxpay application.
  • All of your card details have been entered correctly: PIN/ CVC/ expiry date. 
  • Your card is not physically damaged. 
My contactless card payment is not working

Please review the failed transaction in the app for more accurate information about your contactless payment. In general, contactless payments can be declined for the following reasons:

  • Card was not activated with chip and PIN prior to making a contactless payment.

If you've never made an in-store payment with your card, you need to make a payment using chip and PIN code in order to activate the contactless feature.

  • Contactless option is disabled in card's security settings in the application.
  • Contactless limit is exceeded.

You can reset it by making a chip & PIN transaction with your card. After that, you'll be able to continue using contactless until the next reset is needed.

I want to change my card PIN

We unfortunately do not offer this functionality yet.

What to do if my card was lost or stolen?

If your card was compromised in any way, you can block it directly in your pbxpay account. Just login, click on "Cards" and select "Physical cards". There is a simple button "Block card". This will block your card and it won't be possible to use it anymore. Please contact the support team at [email protected] afterwards.

Card payment

Why is my card payment pending?

A card payment is completed in two parts:

  • At the time of purchase, we deduct the money from your available balance and hold onto it for the merchant (seller) to collect, creating a “pending” transaction.
  • A few days later, the merchant collects the money and “completes” the payment.

We need to allow some time for merchants to “complete” a card payment. If a merchant does not collect the money within their timeframe (generally 8 to 16 days), we release the money back to your account.

Why has my card payment been declined?

Some of the most common reasons resulting in your pbxpay card being declined are:

  • Entering the wrong PIN/ expiration date/CVC.
  • Declines due to exceeding incorrect PIN/CVC tries or certain payment types (swipe, contactless) being disabled in your security settings.
  • Your card has been frozen (blocked) You can unblock your card in the pbxpay back office account.
  • Issues with 3DS verification for online payments.
  • Transactions declined by our automated security system.
I don't recognise a card payment

If you don't know why you were charged by a particular merchant, follow these steps to check if you could have been charged correctly based on your previous payments:

  • If you don't recognise the merchant’s name, please open the 'Transactions' list and search it there. This will show if there were any payments made to them in the past and might help you recall the merchant;
  • If you've made any transactions to this merchant in the past, this means your card details were provided to them, and they might be charging you by mistake. We would advise you to contact the merchant to understand what might be happening;
  • If you previously linked the card, but you never bought anything (Free Trial, Subscriptions, etc), please contact the merchant to find out if this charge could be a mistake on their end.
I still don't recognise the merchant. What should I do?

If you still don't recognise the payment, and you're concerned that your card has been compromised, please contact us immediatelly.

Why did the merchant charge a fee for my card payment?

Merchants may charge you an additional fee if you choose to pay by card. This fee is defined by the merchant; there could also be a fee connected to currency exchange on the merchant's side.

Why do I see an extra small charge on my statement?

When you add a new card to a payment service like PayPal, Google or Apple Pay, they sometimes make a small test transaction to verify your card details. These transactions are usually reverted immediately, but sometimes it might take up to 8 days for the funds to be returned.

Why has my card payment been reverted?

A transaction is reverted if a merchant (seller) decided to cancel a payment, or if they didn't claim the funds within their allocated time.

This means that the payment was cancelled, and the funds were released back to your available balance. To find out why, please contact the merchant directly.

Declined payment is not visible in transactions list

If a payment was declined, but does not appear in your transaction history, it usually means that the merchant is having trouble processing the payment.

Try making the payment using a different method: chip and pin instead of contactless, or try Google/Apple Pay. For online payments, try completing the payment with a different pbxpay card. 

Why has my online payment been declined?
  1. Billing address not entered correctly

Some websites ask for a billing address as part of the checkout process — always make sure you enter this exactly as it appears in the pbxpay app.

  1. Payment not confirmed in TXT
Who will deliver my card?

The card will be delivered by mail.

What is a virtual card?

Virtual cards are like regular bank cards, but you won't receive a physical copy and the card details can only be accessed securely via the app. Once the card is generated, the virtual card is ready to use immediately.

You can use the card details to make payments online or over the phone.

Why was my cash withdrawal declined?
  • Some of the most common reasons for withdrawals are:
  • Insufficient funds.
  • Incorrect PIN entry.
  • Monthly spending limit exceeded.
  • Card blocked.
I don't recognise a cash withdrawal

If, after double-checking the cash withdrawal and the location where it was made, you are absolutely certain that your card has been compromised, contact us immediately via [email protected].

Why has my cash withdrawal been reverted?

If an ATM withdrawal transaction is reverted, it means that the transaction was cancelled and the funds were released back to your available balance.This can happen if the ATM provider decided to cancel a payment, or if they didn't claim the funds within their allocated time.

To find out why, please contact the ATM provider directly.

Refunds and chargebacks

Can I get a refund to my pbypay card?

I would like a refund for something I bought. If you're unsatisfied with the goods or services you paid for, or were charged an incorrect amount, please contact the merchant directly to request a full or partial refund.

Why is my refund pending?

A pending refund means that the merchant has prepared a refund but hasn't completed it yet. As soon as they do, we add the amount to your available balance.

Unfortunately, we can't speed this up, as it fully depends on the merchant and their bank.