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e-wallet is here!

A platform readily tuned to handle today's world transactions. Free your money now!

Tailored to maximize your freedom 

No unnecessary restrictions, favourable limits, done safely online, and friendly to the world of finance. Exactly how modern financial services should work.

Personal debit card

Your own card without unnecessary limits.

Top up and withdraw with ease

We bring you the latest financial technological advancements.

Open to the world of finance

Freely fund your account without restrictions.

Secure mobile app

Have absolute control of your own funds anytime, anywhere.

Your own IBAN

Outgoing and incoming payments significantly 
faster and easier.

Everything you need from a 21st-century e-wallet

Secure and compliant


User friendly

Card management

Online and real-time


pbxpay fees

Monthly service fee


What is provided
Account setup Free
Virtual card Free
What is charged
Physical card €6
Incoming SEPA payments €1 + 0.15 %
Outgoing SEPA payments €1 + 0.15 %
ATM Withdrawals UK/EU €2.10 + 0.50 %
Foreign ATM or Poin of Sale Withdrawals €2.30 + 2 %

How do I get started?

Ready to get your own account? Registration requires only three easy steps:

Step 1

Sign up for free, in minutes

Create a new account with your email address.

Step 2

Securely verify your identity

Upload Your KYC Documents, complete the simple Online Application Form and activate your account.

Step 3

Start using pbxpay!

We'll deliver the physical debit card and create a multi-currency IBAN account for you. Start sending & receiving funds today!


Any questions?

What is pbxpay?

Pbxpay is an electronic money account. With pbxpay you can enjoy all the perks of an ordinary banking account without unnecessary restrictions. Topped with one major advantage – total freedom of managing your own resources. Pbxpay can be used for simple deposits, withdrawals and card payments. You will receive your personal IBAN and a debit card both of which you can easily use to finance your accounts for example on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How is pbxpay linked to Probinex?

Pbxpay belongs to the extensive family of products developed by the Probinex project. Pbxpay is legally and economically independent but shares a common philosophy with Probinex - to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people. Probinex also has its very own cryptocurrency (the PBX token). In the future, holding and locking PBX token in StayKing will result in cheaper fees when using pbxpay.

How to enter pbxpay?
To register please visit  and click on the “Get Started” button. Firstly please upload your proof of residence and passport or ID card. After that you will be requested to provide a selfie of your face, then fill in your personal data, verify your phone number and fill in a simple questionnaire. The process takes only 3-5 minutes.
What can I use pbxpay for?

You can use pbxpay account for deposits and withdrawals via SEPA and use its virtual and physical debit cards for payments.

Is pbxpay a bank?

No, we're not a bank – We provide an e-money account by an electronic money institution Modulr Finance B.V. that is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Netherland for issuance of electronic money. The account comes with a sort code, account number, EUR IBAN and card.

Are there any fees applied?

There are no fees to register for pbxpay. Other items such as fees for deposits and withdrawals are:

Are there any limits applied?

We created pbxpay to facilitate freedom as much as possible so you can enjoy your account with only a few limits:

What if my card was stolen / lost / compromised in any way?

If your card was compromised in any way, you can block it directly in your pbxpay account. Just login, click on "Cards" and select "Physical cards". There is a simple button "Block card". This will block your card and it won't be possible to use it anymore. Please contact the support team at [email protected] afterwards.

Why has my card payment been declined?

Some of the most common reasons resulting in your pbxpay card being declined are:

  • Entering the wrong PIN/ expiration date/CVC
  • Declines due to exceeding incorrect PIN/CVC tries or certain payment types (swipe, contactless) being disabled in your security settings
  • Your card has been blocked. You can unblock your card in the pbxpay account
  • Issues with 3DS verification for online payments
  • Transactions declined by our automated security system

Still have a question?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.